Change in the Time of Corona

Change is upon us, whether we embrace it or not. The world is not as we know it to be right now, and from what I see, for the immediate future. So how can we embrace this change and utilize this “pandemic reality” we are in to better ourselves, our systems, our society, and our world?

I’m using this time to virtually help new clients finally get organized in their office. And given that their office is currently in their home, there’s no telling what impact this is going to have on their personal life as well as professional. It can’t not play out into all aspects of living, particularly when our spaces are more important than ever before. We are all being forced to figure it out, right? Some of us are in our home office and can shut the door off from the kids, the TV, the spouse/partner also working from home, and all the other various distractions. Or maybe you don’t have a home office, and therefore are sequestered to the corner of the dining room table, amid the puzzle pieces, Legos, and Barbies that keep your kids busy. I’d love to help you through this organizational chaos, learn more here.

No matter what your current situation is, may I recommend that you set yourself up the best that you can with what you have to work with? Here’s what that could look like:

  1. Carve off a portion of a room that is not the center of the house to work from. Move furniture around if need be and set up a temporary “workspace” that has as little distractions as possible.
  2. Set up specific times when you are interruptible, and those when you need total focus and interruptions have to wait. Maybe every morning between 9 and 11 am, you don’t get interrupted. Then you make yourself available from 11-12 for those family members who need/want your attention for whatever. And then set up those time frames in the afternoon as well.
  3. Set some ground rules in your household that work for everyone involved. Ask for what you need and make sure everyone gets to ask for what they need. Remember, this is a “new normal” for everyone, not just you. And most importantly, acknowledge that no one is a mind-reader. So, encourage that everyone asks for what they need to be successful during this time.
  4. Try to create a daily routine for yourself. That might include taking breaks during the day to get outside, to connect with other colleagues, to eat healthily, or to walk up to a puzzle and work it for 15 minutes. I’m really enjoying the puzzle thing and walking every day for at least an hour. And I’m committed to eating healthy and staying away from the kitchen during meals. It’s not easy, but I want my clothes to fit (when I finally do get into something other than Lycra work out stuff!) It’s a choice we get to make, so let’s just be careful as to how we use food for comfort.

Change is upon us. We are living it as we speak. And when this is behind us, the world will have changed as we know it, for it’s impossible not for that to happen. How? I think that remains to be seen. So many different theories about that, and more to come. What I do know to be true for me is that I am going to continue to embrace the gratitude and silver linings from this experience now and going forward. What you focus on expands. So, here’s what I’m grateful for:

  • The roof over my head and the food on my table every day. Even if I have to wear a mask to shop for it.
  • An amazing space that I created in my home to be quarantined in. Think about that, please!
  • A business that allows me to truly transform those that are ready to finally get rid of their disorganized habits and create new ones that serve them well.
  • The opportunity to maintain a regular exercise commitment since I’m not traveling as I would be.
  • The ongoing virtual connection with my family that I would never be doing if this weren’t happening. Every Sunday night at 8 pm, 27 of us just checking in from CA, TN, MA, NC, NY, IL, and GA.
  • The virtual connection with my daughters every Thursday at 5 pm. Why do we need Coronavirus to be doing this, people?
  • A puppy who wants and gives enough love to cover the entire universe — all directed at ME! (That’s me above reading to her!)

So, what are you grateful for during this immense time of change? I encourage all of us to focus on what is working and stay away from what is not.

Here’s to embracing change in the time of Coronavirus, and beyond.

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