The Great Purge of 2020

Welcome to the new year…when there’s so much talk about resolutions. All of us contemplating what we are committed to doing differently this year. And perhaps even taking on the same “resolution” that we do every year — only this year will be the one we actually accomplish it, right?

No pressure here, I promise. If the way you are living serves you well and you’re finding ways to keep stress to a minimum, or perhaps non-existent, then keep doing what you’re doing — no need to fix what isn’t broken. But if you’re tired of all the “stuff” that surrounds you, and you spend more time “tidying up” than living, here is something to consider. Stuff takes up space. And space is limited. It’s is a precious commodity that, if treated with love and honor, will bring you joy. If it is something that stresses you out because of the clutter, overwhelm, and overload, then it just creates jobs for you. And that’s not what your space is meant to do.

I come into my home and experience joy. I don’t enter my house and see all the different “jobs” waiting for my attention. That’s because I only have what fits in my space, and I only have what I NEED and LOVE. When you adopt this mindset about your home and your belongings, the game of life changes substantially!

So, if your resolute to “get organized” or “become more minimalist” or live the “less is more” lifestyle, here are some questions to ask yourself as you are diving into the GREAT 2020 PURGE.

  • Do I actually use it, or have I used it in the past six months?
  • Am I keeping it because it has sentimental value?
  • Could someone I know use it?
  • Can I preserve the memory without keeping the actual item?
  • If I were seeing this for the first time, would I buy it now?
  • Do I have something similar that serves the same purpose?
  • Would I choose this if I was given a limited amount of stuff to take with me?
  • Does it make me feel good and bring me joy wearing it, looking at it, or using it?
  • Is it an expression of who I am in the world?
  • Is it better served with someone else?

Now go for it, please. And do share your experience when you finally create the space you deserve to live in. No one waits to support you more than me! And if you would like help with your purge, contact me today.

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