The Organized Entrepreneur

A Collective Transformation From Chaos to Clarity

Finally, a group coaching program that 100% moves you forward with a complete toolbox for getting things done like never before
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How much longer are you willing to tolerate lost dollars, lost time and lost energy due to excess clutter, chaos and overwhelm in your business?

NOW is YOUR time to make more money, serve more clients, and have more free time to enjoy the life you have.

Meet Wendy Ellin

This international speaker, #1 bestselling author of Working From Home…How’s That Working For You? rolls out a foundational toolbox over 6 weeks with humor, irreverence, and a whole bunch of realistic expectations that will not only get you thinking about the way you work, it will move you to work in a way you never thought possible. She’s brutally honest, totally committed, and simply transformational.

The Organized Entrepreneur

6 Weeks of live Group Zoom Trainings, 60 minutes each
Thursday at 4pm EST
November 2nd, 9th, 16th, 30th
December 7th, 14th
What Else:
Accountability Partners within the group
Hot Seat Coaching for those in need
Private Facebook Group
Marco Polo Group Chat
One-Time Payment of $497


  1. Wendy’s ebook, Working From Home…How’s That Working For You?
  2. Productivity App Cheat Sheet
  3. Special Guest Speaker
  4. 1:1 30-minute call with Wendy
  5. FAB BONUS: Bring a Friend for the price of one

This Masterclass is for you if:

  • You feel like you spin your wheels all day but nothing gets complete
  • You are exhausted at the end of the day with a sense of defeat instead of success
  • You are not making the money you want or deserve to make
  • You are spending ridiculous amounts of time looking for things amongst your clutter
  • Your office space wreaks of chaotic energy instead of calm energy
  • You are misdoing, redoing and cannot focus on what’s most important on any given day
  • You are ready to take control of your business and your life so this issue is behind you forever
  • You’re ready to ditch the excuses and get to the other side of this ONCE AND FOR ALL!

Here’s what we’ll cover over the 6 weeks:

Keeping your head in the game
De-cluttering your Life
Getting control of your daily workload
De-clutter Your e-clutter
Desktop Organizing
Getting Realistic About Productivity
Setting Boundaries Around your Time
Overcoming Self-Defeating Behaviors
Creating Productive Spaces
Routines and Systems
Processing vs. doing
Email Inbox at ZERO and keeping it that way
Smartphone Organizing
Daily Time Blocking
Multitasking vs. Unitasking
Follow Up and Follow Through


Total control of your workload
Total control over your email inbox
Total control over your work space
Able to say “no” without any backlash
Able to be on time - every time!
Able to Unitask and kick the multitasking habit
Total control over your daily time management
Total control over your paper
Able to set boundaries around your time
Able to honor your word about deliverables
Able to live realistically
Able to set up a morning routine that works every day
Able to sleep at night knowing you did all that you could, and tomorrow is another day!

What people are saying...

I was excited when I signed up for The Organized Entrepreneur with Wendy, but as the time for class drew closer, I was dreading giving up my time. HOWEVER, this was the best virtual training I’ve ever attended. I love the format of this program as it allowed me to put this systems into action right away. 

I’ve been to many conferences and come home and never implement much of the things I learned, but since this was virtual from my own office, I was set up and raring to go after implementation of whatever system Wendy taught. Wendy is the most efficient person I’ve ever met; her no-nonsense, no-judgement ,tell-it-like-it-is methods are so endearing you can’t help but love her. I would recommend this to everyone; you won’t regret it.
– Elizabeth
Wendy has literally changed my life and how I view each day and week. Learning her strategies for business and life in general is a game changer. I never thought about it so simply, and yet it is that simple. Follow the system and there is no more room for procrastination and more room for stress-free results. I know I needed you Wendy, but I didn’t realize how much. Feeling organized and efficient never felt so good. Thank you!
– Sandra
I have wanted to take Wendy’s course for many years. I wish I took it earlier but at least I finally pulled the trigger and jumped in. I truly believe her course is life changing, because she is giving me my time back. There is nothing more valuable than our TIME! Wendy didn’t just teach – she had us DOING things and taking steps to implement an amazing system, so we felt immediate accomplishment. On top of all that, she made it fun! Thank you,Wendy!!
– Kay
If You’re In…I’m totally with you and have your back every step of the way.
You got this!

The Organized Entrepreneur

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