Why is Multitasking Bad for Your Productivity?

In today's business world, companies have to do more with less; hence, their employees have to work harder and longer hours. This was the case pre-pandemic. Now, more than ever, organizations are furloughing and laying off employees, leaving all the work left for the remaining staff. If you're like most busy professionals, you spend your time bouncing back and forth between tasks, believing that multitasking makes you more efficient.
Research has shown that 98% of the population doesn't multitask very well. What's referred to as multitasking is actually switch-tasking, and while we admire ourselves for successfully shifting back and forth from one task to another, our brain is not happy, and our work and our energy suffers.

Reasons Why Multitasking Is Unproductive

The question most business owners should be asking themselves is, "Is multitasking bad for productivity?" The answer is YES, and below are three reasons why.

Multitasking Increases Stress

Heavy multitaskers have a higher probability of experiencing a lapse of attention when switching between tasks. This failure to pay attention means that it gets harder to retain what you've learned while multitasking. Beware that multitasking doesn't just affect your short term memory, but permanent memory as well.

Multitasking Kills Creativity

When multitasking, you switch your attention from one problem to another without concentrating on one long enough. It's common for most to struggle with tasks that require problem-solving skills. For such tasks, you need to dedicate your time and undivided attention, which is nearly impossible when multitasking.

How to Improve Productivity

As a business owner, is task switching making you unproductive? If you feel that the answer to this question is a hard yes, keep reading the tips below to help you be more productive.

Eliminate All Distractions

Distractions can cause significant loss of productivity wherever you work. When you get started in your home workspace, I suggest you turn off phone notifications or shut it down entirely and put it out of your sight. Focus on the task at hand and reply to urgent emails and texts only during your break. Also, letting your colleagues know when you're in a work session, for example, can reduce the number of disruptions.

Take Breaks

More hours worked doesn't necessarily mean that you get more things accomplished; instead, it leads to stress and exhaustion. Taking breaks between a task refreshes the mind and replenishes your mental resources, making you more productive.


It's impossible to do everything yourself. Even though delegation comes with an element of risk, it frees your time and mind giving you space to focus on critical business matters. To reduce the risk, empower your employees with proper training and equip them with the right tools for accomplishing particular tasks. By delegating, you make your employees feel valued, which could work in your business's favor.

It's easy to fall into the multitasking trap, which isn't only bad for your productivity but your overall well-being. Avoid switching between tasks and work on concentrating on one task at a time. Hiring a coach to help you work more efficiently is a great solution. Check out how our coaching can assist you today!

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